iiquu Home Safety

Do you recognise yourself in the following statements?

iiquu has the answer!
The ingenious iiquu Home Safety products operate as stand-alone alarms: Each product is an alarm in itself. And so, you don’t need a complete system.
Anyone can install the products quickly and easily.
Moreover, they are easy to use. You can now protect your property easily and affordably!

iiquu Home Safety: a sense of safety in no time at all.



Stand Alone Alarms

Iiquu alarm products work as stand-alone alarms. This means you don’t need a complete system in order to use the products. Each product is an alarm in itself. In this way iiquu makes it easy and affordable for everyone to protect their property and feel safe within a few minutes.

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Safety Lighting

Apart from alarm products, the iiquu Home Safety range also includes safety lighting. Light in the darkness, in any form whatsoever, is not only extremely helpful for yourself, but it can also deter potential intruders.

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Dummy Cameras

At first sight, you can hardly tell iiquu Dummy Cameras apart from real security cameras. Uninvited guest will be deterred by the presence of such a camera. 

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