iiquu Digicam Power

Digital camera and camcorder packs

If you want to capture those special and beautiful moments in your life on film, the last thing you want is an empty battery. iiquu Digicam Power is the smart solution for cameras and camcorders. With iiquu Digicam Power you always have a spare battery at hand. iiquu offers an extensive and high-quality product range. The distinctive colours and clear information on the packaging make it easy to identify the right type of battery for your appliance. If you have no idea which type you need, the iiquu online battery finder can help.

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Universal Chargers

iiquu’s Universal Chargers can be used to recharge almost all battery packs for digital cameras and camcorders. These chargers are therefore ideal if you own cameras and/or camcorders from different brands. Besides digital camera and camcorder packs, these universal chargers can also be used to recharge AA and AAA batteries. 

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